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Hypemen (@itsthereal & @jensenclan88) Podcast Episode 30 w/@Joe Mande

Hypemen (@itsthereal & @jensenclan88) Podcast Episode 30 w/@Joe Mande

Hypemen Episode 30 Joe Mande

EPISODE 30: Comedian Joe Mande joins the Hype Men to discuss Rhymesayers and the Minnesota hip-hop scene + albino rappers + Chet Haze and the shitty keg-rap movement + WINNING + Scientology pamphlets + the NBA dunk contests + Joe’s run-ins on twitter with Cam’Ron, Chamillionaire, Jesse Camp and White Castle + Wu Tang’s mathematics + the “I Need a Doctor” video + much more!

Hypemen Podcast Episode 30 w/ Joe Mande


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