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Who?!?!?: Sananda Immanuel a.k.a. Jesus??

Who?!?!?: Sananda Immanuel a.k.a. Jesus??


Plays the role of “Jesus” in the astral realm and near death experiences. He’s the one Michaelangelo painted a portrait of that the churches then accepted as the picture of “Jesus.” Most churches today have pictures of this Sananda hanging in them somewhere. Most believers correlate the picture of Jesus that they see as the real Yahushua/Jesus when it is really this Sananda Immanuel who will come to earth playing Jesus, the Son of God. A very good deception. The church was groomed for hundreds of years for this one. Allegedly lives aboard the UFO-ship called the Capricorn and works in Utah which he considers the “New Zion.” Works with the Mormon cult deception and also in Jerusalem behind the scenes to prepare for his arrival as Christianity’s “messiah.” Sananda Immanuel claims/admits that Sanat Kumera is his father – Sanat Kumera is another name for Satan




 ***He is “beamed” into meetings. He just shows up in the center or somewhere in the meeting room out of nowhere. Unlike Germaine who’s seen walking through the walls. (don’t bang  your head on the way out…)

**Ascended 2000 years ago

**He’s also known as Maitreya

**Is always seen with sAint Germaine

**Resembles the pictures we’ve grown up seeing as “Jesus”.

He will come offering peace and worldwide prosperity. He will claim to be Jesus, an Ascended Master, or whatever else he can think of to appeal to the gullible and masses.  Do not believe him. Do not listen to him. Do not watch him. He will enslave your mind with his hypnotic charm.  Remember, Satan comes first to deceive mankind through his False Prophet and then Antichrist who comes claiming to be the “Father, Most High God.”  They are liars. When the Most High comes He will come to destroy these beasts. He comes at the war of Armageddon with 10,000s of His Saints and He will cast these 2 beasts into the Lake of Fire. Satan and his beasts come first.  Remember that


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  1. T
    March 8th, 2011 18:05

    Have always heard and read the pic you are showing as being “Jesus” (and the one so many people have seen in their churches and have in their homes) was actually a pedophile and serial killer and not the real Jesus. Even the pic of his mother Mary that is also displayed is actually the fake Jesus mother. I never felt attracted to these fake Jesus and Mother Mary pictures. Here is some info for ya:


    • March 9th, 2011 14:42

      That means you have good sense. I’ll never overstand why people never question these things or anything for that matter. People are content being fed instead of feeding themselves.


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