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U.S. Marshals: “We Have Effectively Shut Down BMF (Black Mafia Family)”

U.S. Marshals: “We Have Effectively Shut Down BMF (Black Mafia Family)”

No, unfortunately not the Officer Bawse song…

Four members of the Black Mafia Family organization were arrested earlier this week, including one suspect who was on the Atlanta Police Department’s 10 Most Wanted list. Police busted Ernest Dennis, 37, and Jonathan Manigualt, in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, which was once a strong hold for members of BMF. The other two members, Ricardo Webb and Tovis Raines were also taken into custody, leading U.S. Marshals to declare that BMF has effectively been shutdown. “We know that they don’t have level of contacts or access to drugs and money the way they had before, so we’re slowly destroying their organization,” U.S. Marshal James Ergas told Atlanta’s Fox 5. In a previous interview with, BMF’s founder Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory  denied the organization was weakening, despite the fact the he and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory are each serving 25-year sentences.


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