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Two Controversial Abortion Billboards Show Racist Viewpoint Of Topic

Two Controversial Abortion Billboards Show Racist Viewpoint Of Topic

Most people are highly offended by this, I’m not. allow me to explain why before you erase my site from your bookmarks and call me all types of uncle toms and hypocrites. I am offended, but only slightly. I’m offended as a parent because they used a child in this billboard instead of an adult. What does a 5 – 8 year old child have to do with abortion? Are you also saying that 5- 8 year olds in the black community are having abortions as well? Thats offensive, but not enough to make a big deal about. “The Game”  and (whatever that show is that comes on after it and) every Tyler Perry show that has ever aired on television is WAAAY more offensive than that, but you tune in and shut up, so why the uproar now? As far as what it says, why be offended if its true? They didnt have to word it in that manner to appease the overly sensitive “african americans” (whatever that is) but  the statistics dont lie… or in a language they can better understand I’ll quote Jay-Z “Men lie, women lie…numbers dont”. Dont be offended at that ^ be offended at this: In 2009 there were 40,798 black babies killed (aborted). Some of them may have been, but all 40,798 of those women were not rape victims or 10 year olds too young to carry a child, the vast majority of them were careless late teens and adults. So you’re offended at what they said or are you offended at what the tribe (african americans) you identify with has done? Or maybe you’re just mad because everyone else is mad… this is a culture of followers and ADD so its possible that you dont even know why you’re mad at all. BUT, judging by the numbers, I would say you are offended because YOU or someone you know is a part of that 40,798 women who decided to murder their child as opposed to having protected sex or being financially prepared for what comes with “no glove lovin”. Sometimes…often times when things are reversed, the mirror becomes much clearer. Be offended, but look objectively within before you point a finger at those telling a truth you would rather not face.

Note: Also below Kanye West  gives us his take on abortion…

“Nothing absolutely nothing is shocking anymore” – Cee-Lo Green
Cee Lo Green – You Dont Shock Me Anymore

The anti-abortion group Life Always just unveiled a giant billboard on the corner of Watts Street and Sixth Avenue that features a photo of a black girl and the caption, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.” Part of a national campaign, the billboard is about a half-mile from a Planned Parenthood facility on Bleecker Street. “During Black History Month, we celebrate our history, but our future is in jeopardy as a genocidal plot is carried out through abortion,” says Life Always Board Member Pastor Stephen Broden. Others, like City Council Member Letitia James, find the message a tad offensive.

“It is misguided to use Black History Month as a tool to promote this message,” James said in a statement. “Every woman has the right to make personal choices in regards to her body, and I respect many different points of view, but to compare abortion to terrorism and genocide is highly offensive.” (Life Always’ press release also asserts, “There is a battle being waged in the United States that has taken more lives than any foreign war or act of terrorism. The enemy is abortion.”)

James also points out that the website’s “Pregnancy Help” section guides users to various Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), which are “notorious for being intentionally vague concerning their agenda to deter women from seeking abortion services; and some have been accused of being deceptive about abortion risks

and procedures while intentionally targeting poor and working-class women, immigrant women, and women of color to utilize their services.” According to Planned Parenthood, 3 percent of the organization’s health services are abortion services, while an overwhelming 82 percent are services to prevent unintended pregnancy.

But Life Always is focusing on this statistic from the NYC Health Department: Blacks had the highest number of abortions in 2009, with 40,798. (Hispanics had the second highest at 28,364.) NYC’s abortion rate was almost 40% that year, and the three Planned Parenthood facilities nearest the billboard reported nearly 17,000 abortions in 2010. Asked for his reaction to the billboard yesterday, one man on the street told WCBS, “I think they’re trying to send a message to us African-Americans because we do do a lot of abortions and I think we shouldn’t be doing it.”

In a statement, Planned Parenthood called the billboard “a reprehensible tactic. Planned Parenthood knows that every woman, of every background, takes her health decisions seriously and makes deeply personal decisions after consulting with her doctor and with loved ones she trusts.” This Saturday, pro-choice groups will be holding a rally to protest a recent bill passed in the House of Representatives that would block federal funding to Planned Parenthood. The rally will be held at Foley Square, downtown by City Hall, from 1 to 3 p.m. Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Turner, and Kathleen Hanna are among the scheduled speakers; Nellie McKay and The Mountain Goats will perform.


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