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Koch Brothers Accused OF Paying George Zimmerman’s Legal Fees
Comments Off on Koch Brothers Accused OF Paying George Zimmerman’s Legal Fees, 26/04/2012, by in News, Politics As Usual, Press Release, Stranger than fiction

John Hinderaker wrote here about MSNBC’s campaign to tie the Koch brothers to George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin. That effort was, it is fair to say, insane, but it apparently inspired one or more liberals to take MSNBC’s theories a step farther. Someone wrote–I think it was on ... Read more...

O.J. Simpson Requests Appeal

O.J. Simpson asked the full Nevada Supreme Court on Thursday to do what three of its members have already declined to do -- overturn his conviction and sentence in a botched Las Vegas hotel room heist. Las Vegas lawyer Malcolm LaVergne argued in his last-step appeal to the state's highest... Read more...

Two Controversial Abortion Billboards Show Racist Viewpoint Of Topic

Most people are highly offended by this, I'm not. allow me to explain why before you erase my site from your bookmarks and call me all types of uncle toms and hypocrites. I am offended, but only slightly. I'm offended as a parent because they used a child in this billboard instead of an adult. W... Read more...