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A Truth Moment: Big Ghostface On DJ Khaled’s Welcome To My Hood Video

The God Big Ghostface laid down some knowledge…n*ggas need to get they thread count up word to muvva yo:

Ayo whattup this Big Ghost aka Theodore St. Raviolis namsayin. Ayo niggas is really really crossin the line now nahmean. Ayo yalls is breakin a niggas heart now. Niggas is coonin the fuck out like coonin gon get played out tomorrow n shit. Niggas is worried that they coonin coupons is gon expire before they can cash that shit in namsayin. Niggas is takin ignorance to the next levels n shit. These niggas is like the X-Men of ignorant niggas. Niggas is like the fuckin Yankees of ignorant niggas. These niggas is winnin multiple championships in coonin. They like a undefeatable dynasty for ignorant coonin niggas. Ayo these niggas is like the NASA of ignorant niggas right here nahmean. They comin up wit space age technologies for coonin n shit. They makin leaps n bounds into new frontiers of coonin nahmean. They on some like super robotic coon shit. They like muthafuckin robocoon or some shit. They goin to whole new unexplored galaxies of coonin. The fuck is wrong wit niggas? Niggas is dancin on top of police cars n shit. Why you niggas even got police cars? Aint like niggas is out on the main roads dancin on parked patrol cars for real or some shit like that. Nah niggas parked they little police cars in front of they building n shot that shit wit a permit namsayin. Ayo the god aint even know how to keep track of all the shits thats wrong wit this muthafucka. A nigga lost count at 7,364 n shit. A nigga aint even include the wack ass dime a dozen song in that total neither namsayin. This shit sound like they doin a cover version of the last song that sounded like this one about two months ago…which happened to sound like the other 7 or 8 songs that sounded like that muthafucka the times before that. Shit is like a Tyler Perry movie….some of the characters is different but the same niggas is behind it n its still some corny ass shit for bitches namsayin. Ayo dont get a nigga intentions misprescribed n shit nahmean. The god aint wish no hardships on these niggas. Niggas got to eat son. Ayo I gets that namsayin. A nigga been there G. At the end of the day the god respect these niggas for the most part. We all tryna make a livin nahmean. But yo…I mean…you can frown upon a nigga actions….like if a nigga sell crack on the low n shit nahmeans you can say ayo the nigga foul. He crossin the line or whatever whatever. A nigga understand that. But we keeps it at that. The nigga makin a livin off sellin crack but he aint tryna step on nobody toes or nothin like that. Now if a nigga sellin crack outside a preschool n gettin his dick sucked in front of they playground in broad daylight n shit n throwin the rubbers on the slide n shit….the nigga not only crossin the line n shit they violatin outside of what regular niggas consider excusable n shit. Now these niggas right here wit this song is not only crossin the line they hoppin n dancin n poppin corny beverages on that line. Niggas is basically gettin they dick sucked outside the preschool n throwin the rubbers on the slides wit this joint namsayin. This shit is like the Mona Lisa of ignorant nigga shit. These niggas just built the Taj Mahal of ignorant nigga shit nahmeans. Ayo cut that shit out niggas! Yalls niggas is way too gone wit this. Yall got a nigga prayin for the shiny suit era to come back nahmean! These niggas is like the ’93 Bulls of ignorant niggas. Somebody need to pull the plug on these niggas namsayin. Muthafuckas is makin niggas look like the stupidest species on earth n shit. Like we right there with fuckin lobsters n shit as the stupidest creatures on earth or somethin. Ayo to keeps it real wit yalls a nigga aint even know if lobsters is considered dumb or nothin but the one or two times I seen a lobster they aint really seem too smart to a nigga namsayin. They aint like no dolphins n shit. Ayo crackers be thinkin that dolphins is smarter than actual niggas n shit. Thats maybe more to do wit how dolphins know how to act humble n shit. Word bond. But yo jus for yalls records n shit I aint think dolphins is smarter than niggas like that. Maybe a couple retarded niggas or somethin along those kinds of lines yeah. But more times than not a nigga smarter than a dolphin namsayin. Word. A nigga jus wanted to elaborate on that point for a minute nahmean.
Aight peace.


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    A Truth Moment: Big Ghostface On DJ Khaled’s Welcome To My Hood Video –



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