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Hypemen (@itsthereal & @jensenclan88) Podcast Episodes 24, 25 & 26

Hypemen (@itsthereal & @jensenclan88) Podcast Episodes 24, 25 & 26

Hypemen Podcast Episode 19

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EPISODE 24: Two thirds of the Get Busy Committee, rapper Ryu and producer Scoop DeVille join the Hype Men to discuss freestyling on the Wake Up Show + choosing rapping as a career over professional baseball + the Dust Brothers + Crystal Method + the fascination behind Lil’ B the Based God and Odd Future + Scoop’s father selling Snoop Doogy Dogg his first gun + Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park + Tokyo Sex Whale + sampling Soul II Soul + DJing for NKOTB + working with 50 Cent, Kid Sister, Diggy Simmons, Cory Gunz + much more!

Hypemen Podcast Episode 24 w/ Scoop DeVille & Ryu

EPISODE 25: In this special Monday episode of Hype Men, the guys discuss the worst rap verses in hidden in their iTunes.

Hypemen Podcast Episode 25: Special Worst Verses Edition

EPISODE 26: Funny or Die writer/director Eric Appel joins the Hype Men to discuss the best hip-hop dances + being roommates with Andy Milonakis + the movie Notorious + skits on hip-hop albums + Undercover Karaoke + working with Weird Al Yankovich + recreating Every Little Step with Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson + Mellie Mel’s wrestling career + getting high with Snoop Dogg + more!

Hypemen Podcast Episode 26 w/Eric Appel


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