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The Law Of Opposites VOL. 1: Extract 28

The Law Of Opposites VOL. 1: Extract 28

Extract 28

Negative Vs Positive

It must now be stated that if anti-nature negative forces exceed positive forces

(the nature of nature) to an extent that those positive forces own existence is

challenged. A counter reaction must occur to re-position positive and negative

more evenly again. This is like water in a bowl if you push water in one

direction after the event the mass of water will come back in the opposite

direction then eventually settle evenly after a period of time. Within the space,

time and matter of absolute nature this can manifest itself as global events.

Some would call it an Armageddon process.

These events in history will occur from time to time until humans

understand universal law and respect the nature of nature and higher

forces involved in managing nature. It is the negative of humans

dominating the positive that creates a black lash within nature to

readjust the overall role of all species on earth.

The positive (+) is based on forces that preserve and continue the

existence of human life including original genetic preservation.

It is the Caucasian’s secret societies and higher entities behind them that are

enhancing the negative forces on the planet earth. Many Caucasians on the

ground level do not know that they are being used; actually being

brainwashed to play the role of that negative force and through racism, sexual

perversion, war etc. Caucasians challenge the belief systems of other races

and implement their view of reality not knowing that it was universal nature

and higher forces that established their own existence through Nubians. They

now disrespect the forces of nature itself. The individuals behind all this and

higher negative forces have an ultimate goal to totally control the planet and

everything on it. Thus becoming god within our 3 dimensional plane. They are

the furthest away from the original DNA structure of the Nubian race and

since the Nubian race are the first evolutionary of humanoids they poses the

original template as to what nature itself wanted humans to be like, act like

and develop like on earth. Many will tell you this is racist but they don’t follow

universal law they believe universal law means equality. No ! Equality is a

myth. It is the fabric of belief. If man and a women have a child them on a

Genetic RNA / DNA level decisions have been made between cells as to

whose nose the child will physically inherit or whose characteristics the child

will inherit. If the child takes on the mother’s nose then the father’s nose DNA

profile lost the fight. Therefore know that if equality does not exist scientifically

then the notion of equality is a belief system, not fact, therefore not the truth.

Scientifically if every atom and molecule was the same then everything in all

existence would be the same. The fact that the sun was created with more

hydrogen than helium tells you that equality can not be absolute. As the sun

gave birth to planets and the planets gave birth to algae in water which

humans evolved from. If the sun was created based on molecules with

different properties and the imbalance in quantity between Hydrogen and

helium and this sun (Apsu) made this solar system then how can anything

within the solar system be equal in definition? Scientifically every race has a

different DNA structure therefore you are not equal – you are different. People

should be acknowledged for these differences and should not have to

sacrifice their traditions, appearance and cultural laws for this quest for

equality that is not in line with nature. Liberals and Religious people believe all

human species are equal even though their God/Nature made different races

with different DNA and RNA profiles, made certain races more adaptable to

certain weathers and climates, gave certain races genetic properties which

protect them from the Sun better than others such as melanin. Still to this day

millions of years after the evolution of mankind there are secrets still being

discovered within the human body. Liberals and Religious people want you to

think that God or nature created all these differences for NO reason. Yet they

say God or nature is all knowing and all knowing includes science. Then God

must know that the white race is prone to skin cancer and needs sun block

cream. Does this sound like a god that made everyone equal or made people

different? Equality is a belief system that should only focus on the distribution

of economic power. This in turn is apart of capitalism the ultimate belief

system. With regards to genetics, which ties into sexuality, evolution and

cultural values, equality does not exist and was not suppose to exist. Know

that the white supremacist movements are set up by capitalists as a barrier

preventing people from working out that the universal laws of nature have

genetically positioned the Caucasian race with the weakest genetic profile.

Since supremacist groups of all races promote hate towards other races it

makes the truth about genetic inequality be perceived as a disagreeable

notion. It is not a belief it is scientific fact. The system uses supremacists as

social boundaries – which represent the commercial limit as to what you can

not accept within views of racial inequality. The viciousness of white

supremacists is so disagreeable in actions that it tricks black individuals into

rejecting the truth behind real genetic inequalities amongst the races (racial

inequality) and focus on the belief of racial equality. The white supremacy

movement belief in racial genetic superiority is a belief system as Caucasians

all evolved from Nubians anyway. For Nubians it is not a belief system it is

scientific fact. The mainstream preserving of equality is now a hindrance to

the development of Nubians on earth. It will continue to prevent us from

reaching our true potential. The scientific truth is out there do your research.

Westernised medical information is based on the genetic structure of the

Caucasian. Since other races have different higher genetic traits quality gaps

in the treatment of Nubians and other darker races will exist within the medical

profession. In other words there are areas of medicine and biological research

that publicly have not been researched or acknowledged that are specifically

more beneficial to Nubians not Caucasians. In particular Eugenics and

genetics in relation to physical traits and their relationship with the

environment (eco-system). Everyone has a role in reality; it is the belief

systems existing in society at this present time that positions the importance

of that role. They have positioned in your mind what is good and bad when

the universal laws of nature are your true guidelines.


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