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Juan Epstein Podcast w/Redman

Juan Epstein Podcast w/Redman

Topics covered include: Def Jam’s loss of cultural relevance, the best tour he ever went out on (Hard Knock Life in ’99 – I was there), DMX, beating up the soundman, the internet’s impact on shit talk, groupies, Jay-Z back when he was a regular guy, being a regular guy himself, his few beefs including the short lived static with Mobb Deep, respect over financial success, the criteria for being considered one of the best of all time, Jersey in general and Newark specifically, his long history of collaborations, says he wants to do an album with Jamiroquai, he claims he has a freestyle over a Dilla beat that was ultimately used by Q-Tip (presumably “Move/Renaissance Rap“) that he’s gonna send to Peter and Ciph, Biggie and copping trees from Branson.

Juan Epstein Podcast w/Redman Feat Miguel


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