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Seven Sacred Keys to Health, Wealth and Wisdom By Rahotep

Seven Sacred Keys to Health, Wealth and Wisdom By Rahotep

As I projected my ka (Astral double) through the door in the sky (star gate) I was met by Seshat – Wife and consort of Thoth. “Rahotep, find yourself in the magick and find the magick in yourself” Seshat told me.

The Deities of ancient Egypt are as alive and relative in our life today as in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.

Find yourself in the magick and find the magick in yourself” – Seshat

This was the 1st key that was given me by the Neteret Seshat (the ancient Egyptian goddess that grants us perfect foundations built upon Divine wisdom).

How many of us are striving to be someone  else? Or imitate someone else’s success?

Yet the key to success and happiness lies in developing our own uniqueness and special gifts. These magical gifts are to be found inside of each and every one of us in quiet meditation. Ask yourself this question right now: ‘What is the magic that is uniquely me?’.

Maybe your talent is cooking, financial planning, caring for the elderly. Whatever it is put a unique slant on it to make it your unique self.

“There is only one unique “you”, why would you want to e someone else? The choice between a masterpiece and a replica is obvious”
From Rahotep’s words of wisdom on his website under articles.

“Clutter Prevents my worship, simplicity is the Key” – Isis

These are the words of wisdom I received from Isis in one of my meditations.

Clutter comes in many forms wearing many masks: emotional baggage, guilt, untidiness, hoarding things we never use, ostentaciousness, Outworn or draining Relationships, endless mind chatter…

Learning that less is more and doing things in the simplest most efficient way seems common sense. Yet this is a road less travelled for many. Clutter is an outer manifestation of an inner state of being, often reflecting inner chaos and insecurities.

I once asked Isis the easiest route to Divine awareness and a personal relationship with Neter (Source Energy/God/Goddess/Creator Being). Isis gave me a simple one-word answer: “Gratitude”

We tend to clutter our lives with more “things” more people, more guilt, more anger, more possessions, more pain, and more chaos. It’s as if we find safety in numbers or are trying to fill a yawning void in our souls. Yet simplicity is the key!

How much time gets wasted each day because of clutter? This time could be spent enjoying life and all its gifts.

Meditation – the simplest tool of all is the art of ‘just being’ and connecting to Neter (God – whichever way we connect to the concept of a creator source energy). Isis once told me in a path working (Guided meditation): “A great Birth is coming and you will ‘become’, in stillness  you will find me”

Make a list today, now in fact – for there is no better time than the present – of things that prevents bliss and joy in your life. This is the clutter that Isis speaks of. Bliss and Joy are Divine states of being. Guilt, Obligation, Fear and Pain is Anti- Life and hence not a Divine state!

This list may be as simple as clothes you never wear causing you to have an overcrowded wardrobe and time wasted sifting through ‘what to wear’. It may be as complex and challenging as releasing a relationship that has run its course and finding the courage to achieve this.

Whatever is cluttering our lives is preventing our Divine connection and hence our Joyful fulfilment of experiencing the Divine connection with life, Neter and ourselves.

Here is a simple prayer you may offer to Isis to assist you in simplifying your life so you have more time to connect, to experience, to love, to enjoy, to laugh, to heal, to relax, to live life or to just be:

“Isis, glorious Goddess,
Holy one, make pure this substance
Let it partake of your divine unity
And purity

As you pour the substance into the bath water say the following:

“Isis, glorious Goddess,
Lady of green herbs
Cleanse me of all impurities
Wash me with your light
Free me of the clutter that clings to me
Make me pure to walk your paths”
– Form the book: Mysteries of Isis by De Traci Regula

In the Egyptian Mysteries we believe that: ‘Words have Power’

I suggest you say this prayer over your bath water before taking a bath or a glass of water, a cup of tea etc. before you drink it.  Do this on a daily basis and you will be amazed at the changes for the better you will see over time as you continue this practice and how ‘simplicity and efficiency’ replaces ‘clutter and chaos’.


“We do not judge you, in fact we do not judge”. – Osiris

Osiris is often portrayed as the ‘Judge of the Dead’. Yet this is the outer mystery only, as understood by the uninitiated. The Ancient Egyptian mysteries and mythological stories contain three levels of truth. It was only the true initiates, which consisted of the High Priest and Priestess and high ranking members of the royal household and priesthood such as the Pharaoh etc. that were initiated into the deepest secrets of the inner, hidden mysteries of ancient Egyptian Spirituality. To the uninitiated, Egyptian spirituality was a religion, while to the initiated, the Inner mysteries unlocked a spiritual connection with the Divine Creator being that was outside of man made dogma, rules and religion. We often read and hear statements on television documentaries and books on ancient Egypt. One famously misunderstood aspect is the so called “Hall of Judgement’, where by the deceased is “Judged” by the god Osiris and 42 gods who acts as judges in the underworld.

We are our own worst enemies, judges and critics. This is not so with Neter, where unconditional love resides in its purest form.

The true power Osiris grants us is the ability to make sound judgement based on Divine wisdom. We have a saying in the Egyptian mysteries: “Wise is the person who includes Neter (God) in all their plans” When we learn to ask the Neter Osiris to help us make wise Decisions, we, like Osiris become “master s of the Universe” . I teach these methods in my heka and Egyptian Mysteries courses. Choice is always one of our greatest tools and gifts from Neter.

Life only gets better when we make better choices
From Rahotep’s words of wisdom on his website under articles.

We can change our life around by making a list of choices we can make right now, that will move us forward and enable us to embrace wholeness and fulfilment on all levels.

“Be present, be Conscious” – Thoth

In today’s fast paced lifestyle we are so often on ‘auto Pilot’. This can rob us of our true power. All shamans and healers believe that the present, that is ‘now’, is the moment of power. In the Hermitic laws Thoth states that “All the power that ever was or ever will be is here right now!”

The only way to tap into our true potential and power is to be in the ever present now. We often dwell in the past, keeping ourselves trapped from moving forward. Sometimes we hope that someday in the future some things might change. To use this 4th key to empower ourselves we must let go of the past and embrace the present with gratitude. We also need to stop putting our life on hold for some future time that we hope might be more ideal.

By being present and being conscious, we start living instead of merely existing.

Ma’at is both a concept and an aspect of Neter that represents, cosmic order, Harmony, Balance, Integrity, Justice, Truth and Impeccability.

Trust in Neter is the ability to know with absolute certainty that the universe is constantly conspiring in your favour to shower you with blessings at all times.

The above always holds true weather we are able to recognise it or not.

A great man in my eyes, Dr. Wayne Dyer a celebrated speaker and published author of several spiritual books once said that: “If we truly knew who walked besides us, we could never be afraid.”

Fear is seen as the opposite to love. It is seen as a state of separation from the Divine. Guilt, anger and spite are all states of fear. All that is not love is fear and therefore not a Divine state.

The ancient Egyptian mysteries states that: Ma’at was with the god Ra from the beginning; pointing to the fact that we live in an ordered structured universe. No matter how random or chaotic or otherwise coincidental things seem there is always a hidden structure and order behind everything. Einstein said it best when he said that “God does not play dice”.

Even what is perceived to be chaos, has a structure. We say: The Chaos in the Ma’at (order), the order in the Chaos.” It was believed in ancient Egypt that unless we maintained the laws of Ma’at (order) that everything will return to a state of chaos.

To utilise this key we can make a list of things that currently causes chaos and fear in our lives and the things that causes love and fulfilment in our lives and then start to take actions to limit the chaos and increase the pleasure. Our feelings are the best indicator of this. If it feels bad, it is.

“I AM THE POWER, that causes all that no longer serves you, to fall apart, so that, THE ALL THAT CREATED YOU TO BE POWERFUL, can be experienced.”
Sekhmet (Also known as: “The Powerful One” and “The Lady of the Heart Chakra”)

Ever seen a lioness play with her cubs?  She sometimes scratches and bites them to toughen them up for life’s challenges in the wild. When things fall apart we get very despondent. However when we look back at our life it is at precisely these times of perceived tragedy that we have our greatest turning point or gifts. Mine was when my biological father rejected me. At that time I was in pain. Yet today I am so thankful for this git because it unlocked the Egyptian Mysteries for me helping me to remember my true spiritual connection and parentage.

When we go through painful experiences it is hard to see the gifts these experiences bring, Sekhmet reminds us that even pain is an illusion that leads us to great power.

Access this key by meditating on the Tarot trump card no. 8 Strength (in some decks it is card 11).

While focussing on this card, ask the goddess Sekhmet to help you overcome the hurt and pain and realise the gift of power this situation brings you. You may not be aware of it immediately but over time you will be able to see the hand of this great goddess of healing in your life if you choose to be a victor instead of a victim.

Amun Ra – The Hidden Light
I am the hidden Light, the One and the Infinite. – Amun Ra

The Neter Amun Ra is seen as the hidden light that is present in all of the creation. We can experience the Divine Creator in everything that surrounds us for Amun Ra is the face behind all that was, is and will be. Amun Ra is a symbol that means that everything in creation is an aspect of God and God of it. Scientist will tell us that matter is composed of molecules, which in turn are made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of protons and electrons etc. As we go infinitely inwards and smaller, we get to a stage where all is vibration and energy and finally light!

This means that if we all agree that God is light, that everything is God’s Consciousness and Conscious of God!

To access this key, we simply need to realise that everything we can feel or perceive, hidden or manifest is Light energy and therefore God.

We say in the Egyptian mysteries that when you look at something it is Neter (God) looking back at you!

This is the true reason in the Egyptian Mysteries why Initiates wear the Utchat Eye or the Ankh. It symbolises the recognition of these principles.

Rahotep is an Egyptian Sun Healer that still follows and practices the spiritual way of ancient Egypt and her mystery schools.

His name means “The tranquillity of the Sun god Ra” or “The offering of Ra”.


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