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Understanding The Egyptian Uprising, Report From the Ground

January 25 witnessed widespread street protests in Egypt. 90,000 Egyptians came out in seven main squares in Cairo while tens of thousands more came out in Alexandria, Mahalla, Suez, and several other Egyptian cities. The protests continue today in downtown Cairo as I write. The popular uprising ... Read more...

Khemit And The Myth Of Atlantis

This was an interesting read...draw your own conclusions. The topic of the myth of Atlantis has been the focus of varied books and inquiries ever since Plato brought the concept to the Western world in two of his Dialogues, The Timaeus and The Critias, written in the fourth cen... Read more...

IAmNotADictionary Lesson Of The Day – Sekhem

 Sekhem - is from ancient Egyptian times and means power or might and represents the life force - the prana or chi that holds the universe together and originates In the Heart of the Christos. It represents the union of spirit and body - the Divine in Creation. It represents the I AM Presence. It... Read more...