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IAmNotADictionary Phrase OF The Day:Cellfish

IAmNotADictionary Phrase OF The Day:Cellfish
Cellfish – An individual who talks on his or her cell phone even when doing so is rude or inconsiderate of other people;  cell phone addict, excessive texter; pda addict; Person who uses text messaging to talk to people in the same room;
“Can’t you stop talking on the phone while ordering your happy meal — that’s cellfish”
Related Story: Koreans love their cell phone and maybe the first country on the planet to conduct a program to help cure cell phone addiction among their young citizens. Korea has one of the world’s most advanced cell phone systems with high quality services. As a result, cell phone usage has dominated many teenagers’ daily lives. This has caused them to become “cell phone addicts”.

Teachers in Korea who confiscate student’s cell phones are realizing that some students become really nervous and will cry while begging for the phone to be returned.

A survey by the Korean Association for Information Society in 2001 showed 74.9 percent of young people felt nervous without their cell phones. Such enthusiasm for the mobile phones and its side effects have led to an education program designed to prevent cell phone abuse.  The Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (KADO), School Beautiful Movement (a civic group) and SK Telecom have launched a campaign to teach young people proper cell phone use. According to a survey conducted by KADO, 90 percent of students in 2005 between 14 and 19 years old had mobile phones; 38.2 percent sent more than 1,000 text messages per month; and 43.7 percent had conversations with their friends through text messages during lectures.

Twelve elementary, middle and high schools were selected for the pilot program. For the next two months, the students will speak about their cell phone use, the symptoms they experience when they are without a cell phone and consider proper use of the phones as consumers.  The schools will have cell phone lockers, where students voluntarily put their phones preventing their use during class time. The Koreans are hoping to develop this program to prevent and help “cell phone addicts”.



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