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United Nations World Heritage Owns Pyramids In Giza And National Sites In USA

United Nations World Heritage Owns Pyramids In Giza And National Sites In USA

The World Heritage project, which is more than just a project, is part of UNESCO. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization has reached into the lives of many people around the world. The World Heritage Organization was an idea initiated by the United States in order to combine cultural conservation with nature conservation under a World Heritage Trust in 1965. The idea was to:

Preserve the world’s superb natural and scenic areas and historic sites for the present and the future of the entire world citizenry”. []

This was later brought together with other ideas from other conservation groups. The World Heritage organization then became part of UNESCO on November 16, 1972 [ibid].

Now all this sounded really good. The problem is the idea and use of “foreign governments, groups, and treaties” to control lands on American soil. Although the idea first came from the US, others around the world also saw the need to preserve and protect. This idea comes at you full speed when you realize that lands within the USA are now controlled by this treaty. This international treaty is called:

The Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972. UNESCO’s World Heritage mission is to:

encourage countries to sign the World Heritage Convention and to ensure the protection of their natural and cultural heritage;

encourage States Parties to the Convention to nominate sites within their national territory for inclusion on the World Heritage List;

encourage States Parties to establish management plans and set up reporting systems on the state of conservation of their World Heritage sites;

help States Parties safeguard World Heritage properties by providing technical assistance and professional training;

provide emergency assistance for World Heritage sites in immediate danger;

support States Parties’ public awareness-building activities for World Heritage conservation;

encourage participation of the local population in the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage;

encourage international cooperation in the conservation of our world’s cultural and natural heritage. []

The treaty makes no apparent condition that the lands, parks, and natural heritage that is made up in such treaties, would make the UNESCO the ultimate enforcer of all such lands. This however has been the misstep of this idea as the United Nations, UNESCO, and the Heritage Organization along with other Global groups seek to parlay their power to control lands and people around the globe. This is seen as being the case in a recent article which did not make major headlines, but underscored the apparent power of the Heritage organization.

In an article titled “Chefs to prepare feast at Egypt pyramids”, the power of this group is seen. The event which will feature the top gourmet Chefs in the world preparing a

Culturally diverse meal paired with fine wines” []

The Dinner will have as a backdrop to this fine work of artistry the Pyramids. A little paragraph in this article tells us how powerful this Heritage group is. The article states that to find out just close the event will be to the Pyramids depends on two powerful groups.

Just how close diners will be to the pyramids depends upon the Egyptian government and the U.N.’s cultural body UNESCO, since the pyramids are a World Heritage site.” [ibid]

The powerful UNESCO and its arms of outreach, the World Heritage do not seem at all restrained from taking more control of certain areas. The Nation who has these areas called “World Heritage” areas are still to control their own sovereignty. At least that is what the advertising print says. The problem arises when we clearly see that the Government really relinquishes control of said areas. The United States is definitely led by some people who see the control of international groups, governing bodies, as a good thing. There are others who are positioning the US to become part of a New Global government. The powerful elite, special interests, and political pundants who support such nonsense are clearly working overtime. They have done so for many years. Today the control of this Heritage organization within the USA is growing, and this is just one part of the picture.

The National Parks who are covered by this agreement are: Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Independence Hall, Kluane/ Wrangel-St Elias/ Glacier Bay/ Tatshenshini-Alsek, Redwood (both National and State parks), Olympic, Cahokia mounds, La Fortaleza and San Juan (Puerto Rico), Great Smoky, Statue of Liberty, Yosemite, Chaco Cultural, Hawaii Volcanoes, Monticello and the University of Virginia (Chalottesville), Pueblog de Taos, Carlsbad caverns, and Waterton Glacier international Peace Park. These all became part of an international treaty from 1978 to 1995 where a foreign body has a say so in what becomes of the said area. As in the case of just where the above aforementioned “Chef banquet at the Pyramids” could be held, so too is the areas in the USA deemed to be under the guidance and control of a foreign body, namely the World Heritage Organization under the UNESCO brand, and an outreach of the United Nations.

The problem for many of us is the every increasing foreign control to the once free country called the United States. Our politicians have, or at least some of them been propagating this foolish notion of a “New Global Government” with an enlightened few who know better than we do. This is an affront to our forefathers and to us, who do not trust this enlightened few, nor do we trust the Global Government. We do not need nor want this control, no matter how good it seems. The problem with good intentions when it is brought to us by the government, it is accompanied by slavery and bondage to a New World Order. Beware of the Controllers; they want your blood, sweat, and your money.



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