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The Power Of Sekhem Healing

The Power Of Sekhem Healing


There is a saying: “Where intention/attention goes, energy flows”. Intention, thought and energy work in cooperation with each other as they are of the same realm.

There are as many systems, processes and lineages of channelled hands-on energy healing, operating at different frequencies and vibration levels, as there are aspects of health and well-being. Most (people) are familiar with Reiki, the most widely practiced form of energy balancing, which emerged in the Western world in the 1970s, followed by Seichim.

There are still other systems that have yet to flourish in certain parts of the world, and one of them is Sekhem, which is actually considered to be the origin of all hands-on and spiritual healing systems. Even though some practitioners are of the opinion that Reiki and Seichim are the roots of energy healing, scrolls found in ancient Egyptian ruins suggest Sekhem pre-dates both Reiki and Seichim which are actually inherent within this greater system of Sekhem.

The power of Reiki, when it first surfaced, was in itself overwhelming. Even with the rise in consciousness over the years, it continues to serve its purpose and is  still a very effective and necessary power of healing at the physical level of the mind, body and spirit. However, unlike Sekhem, it does not have the high vibrational frequency nor the intensity required to see us through the dark nights.

Sekhem is life-transforming as it is able to impact memories on the etheric and cellular planes. There is a completeness to Sekhem for it works at all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and subtle spiritual bodies simultaneously.

This completeness also allows the energy to run through the Nervous System, Meridians, 7 generations (to heal past life issues), and work on our inner child.

Sekhem can work alongside any other traditional Western or Eastern therapy and is also a totally safe treatment for easing discomforts pre- and post-surgery, following chemotherapy and radiation, as it compliments other orthodox treatments and alternative therapies.

I was a Reiki practitioner for 10 years before I encountered and was initiated into Sekhem. As a practitioner, who has channelled and received both these energies, I have found that, although all such processes provide the powerful healing that humanity and earth need to move forward, the Sekhem energy, not only accesses levels higher and deeper but is also gentler and lighter than Reiki. 

Sekhem like intuition operates beyond time and space, down to the core of our problems and belief systems at the soul level. Because of its high vibration the process for healing is activated through conscious thought forms and intentions and the intensity can be controlled and varied at will by the giver. The purity of the energy carries the essence of unconditional love; therefore, it is important both the receiver and giver’s intentions be very pure for the energy to vibrate to the receiver’s highest good. This resonance also gives one the courage to take an honest look at oneself and inspires the receiver to heal and change what she/he could be.

Two years ago, when I first arrived in London, from Hong Kong (where I received my training), I worked on a 40 something single mother who had difficulties standing up to her ex-husband. After 3 treatments, which were focused on issues of fear and anger towards her ex, this is what she had to say:

“In the past 5-6 years I have been travelling on this path of holistic healing and treatments, this is the first time I have experienced Sekhem, and was most impressed with what was picked up. I was able to stand up to my ex-husband. This really shocked me, took me by great surprise, because in the 22 years I have known him (including the seven years we have been separated), I have never had the courage to stand up to him or assert myself with him. Although I received the treatments some months ago, I have continued to maintain my assertiveness with him and am also able to finally communicate with him. In turn, I have noticed he is a bit more respectful of me and, unlike in the past, I find he no longer makes me feel inadequate, inferior or ignorant.”

Such is the awe-inspiring power of this hands-on living light energy which flows softly, yet powerfully through us to release blockages within and accelerate changes in our life without any trauma or drama. It is an energy that really needs to be experienced to be appreciated.


Sekhem, in a spiritual sense, means “might” or “power”.  Its origins are within Egypt and before that Lemuria and Atlantis, where it was taught and practiced as a healing art in the very early temples by the High Priests. There are many references to Sekhem on the wall of the temples and pyramids and in scrolls found within the ancient temple ruins.

Reiki/Seichim are seen as offshoots of this system because many thousands of years ago, scholars and monks who travelled to Egypt to learn this system, modified this energy to suit the spiritual beliefs and practices of their local cultures and philosophies, on returning home.  These gradual changes over time also altered the vibrational quality of the energy.

The Sekhem energy is associated with the Egyptian lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, the guardian and protector of this energy. She is strongly linked with the star Sirus, the brightest star in the sky and, according to myth and legend, was present at the Creation of our Universe. This goddess is the bringer of destruction and healing, as she is both the patroness of war and healing sciences, and despite the many myths of destruction, she is also considered to be the Goddess of Regeneration and Healing. Sekhmet destroys that which no longer serves us, so that we can build on a new foundation.

Like many other practitioners of various energy systems, I believe that more powerful systems of healing energy will continue to emerge, as and when Mankind and the Earth, or Gaia (the earth’s spirit), are ready for major shifts. I am also of the opinion this is why Sekhem did not surface before Reiki or Seichim

The Sekhem energy was re-discovered by Helen Belot who has many recollections of lives as a High Priestess in the very early temples of ancient Egypt. As the custodian of Sekhem, she re-introduced this system in the 1980s to suit the conditions of life today. In her words: “this energy emerged to assist humanity to change their vibration rate quickly and easily to enable Mankind and Earth to ascend to their higher purpose. It is an on-going and developing system and is not static nor totally complete at this stage.”

In addition to being the direct lineage bearer of this system, Helen Belot is also the founder of the Sekhem Association, based in Queensland, Australia.


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  1. October 17th, 2010 18:07

    Hi Susan,

    The most of symbols that are in the HB Sekhem system that Helen teaches came from the Seichim system, not from a system of Sekhem that was practiced in Ancient Egypt.

    You can read that in Helen’s book

    There was no system of healing called Sekhem in ancient Egypt.

    Helen even acknowledges this in her last letter to the HB Sekhem community.

    Sekhem refers more to just the energy of the heavens or can be used as a word for power of Powers.

    I am doing my best to provide the most accurate and factual information and clear up the misinformation that is being spread.

    What I have posted her is factual written information by Helen herself. It is not a path or Belief.

    What do you mention Sanskrit?

    Seichim did not have its roots in India, this is one of the myths that was being spread by the HB Sekhem community. Since I am the one who started teaching Seichim I would know its history best.

    I have letters from Helen and her early Manuals which is a clear written history by Helen herself. Why does the HB community continue to spread the misinformation.

    If you go to Gordon Soutar’s website he has a fairly accurate description. He is one of Helen’s teachers.

    I am open to discuss this with you further.
    You can contact me on
    If you teach Sekhem you really should know its history.

    All Love


  2. October 15th, 2010 22:27


    Helen studied Seichim with Phoenix Summerfield, so how can Sekhem predate Seichim?

    This was part of Helen Belot’s Manual until Phoenix died,
    Then she asked her students to burn their manuals.
    and deleted this.

    “In the 1980’s an American Reiki Master, Patrick Zeigler was given the Sekhem system in much the same mystical way as Dr. Usui had received Reiki. He called this System, Seichim which is the Sanskrit name for the Egyptian word Sekhem.” – Helen Belot”

    Here is the lineage of Helen Belot which she had in her
    Sekhem manual as well




    Patrick Zeigler
    Tom Seaman
    Phoenix Summerfield
    Jan Reynolds
    Barbara Van Dyst
    Marsha Burack
    Margo Slater
    Helen Belot



    Patrick Zeigler
    Tom Seaman
    Phoenix Summerfield
    Helen Belot

    check out
    for factual information on Sekhem

    All Love


    • October 16th, 2010 13:45

      Sekhem (life force) predates Seichim.
      The ancient Egiptians practiced Sekhem, not Seichim which came along centuries later…
      Even above it states that you received this in the 1980s…correct?
      Everyone has their own path to walk, if that is the path of misinformation you have chosen then so be it
      Sanskrit does not predate hieroglyphics


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