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The Black Gestapo [Full Movie]

The Black Gestapo [Full Movie] Frost‘s grimy blaxploitation picture The Black Gestapo. Starring: Rod Perry, Charles Robinson.

I admit, I am considerably new to the blaxploitation sub-genre. I think this is the second film I’ve seen within the sub-genre, the first being Russ Meyer’s Black Snake (1973). Thus far, I’m enjoying what it has to offer.

The Black Gestapo is essentially about a vigilante named General Ahmed (Rod Perry), who forms an inner-city “People’s Army” to protect the black members of the community in Watts, Los Angeles, California, from white Mafia thugs. Ahmed is approached by his second in command Colonel Kojah (Charles Robinson), who requests permission to start a protection squad as a more direct approach to the ever increasing white threat. Ahmed gives Kojah the go-ahead to form his squad. The squad quickly turns to racketeering and prostitution, essentially putting the Mafia out of business and taking over. Now, Ahmed must put an end to the wannabe tyrant Kojah and his Black Gestapo.


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