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Michael Moore Tries To Shut Down the ‘Slacker Uprising’ x Download Link

If you happen to already be of the opinion that Michael Moore is not the lovable man of the people he appears to be, then this news probably won’t be changing your feelings about him anytime soon. One month after Moore offered up free downloads of his latest documentary, Slacker Uprising, Torrent Freak reports that “In a letter dated September 25th, lawyers representing Westside Productions LLC, owner of the Slacker Uprising copyright sprang into action, demanding the removal of a torrent linking to the movie from any and all international sites.”

Moore’s latest was compiled of footage from his recent college tour — a tour in which he traveled to colleges in the so-called ‘swing states’ to speak to students in an attempt to energize young voters. The film is a re-edited version of Moore’s 2007 doc, Captain Mike Across America, which screened at TIFF in ’07 to lukewarm reviews. Moore initially said the reason behind the free download was both a reward to fans who have supported him over the years, as well as a way to get out his message prior to the upcoming presidential election.

The download was offered only to those living in the US and Canada, but it didn’t take long for the film to start popping up on numerous torrent sites outside of North America. Moore’s lawyers inexplicably sent their letter to the DNS service (easyDNS) of one of the international sites pirating the flick, which is not required to comply with US law. A co-founder of easyDNS responded to Moore’s lawyers with the following: “…Anybody with half a clue knows the net doesn’t work like that. In any case, I’ve sent them our standard ‘we’re not the web host, we’re just the lowly DNS service’, but I did point out this seeming contradiction in Michael Moore’s message vs. his lawyer’s actions.”

So while Moore may have every right to control how his film is distributed, maybe someone should have explained that old saying about the internet and pee in a pool.

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