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Cee-Lo To Host FUSE’s “Lay It Down”

Cee-Lo To Host FUSE’s “Lay It Down”

A new album and a Goodie Mob reunion aren’t the only things the Cee-Lo has in the works. The Lady Killer and FUSE just wrapped the first installment of Lay It Down. With Cee-Lo as host, the show will feature interviews and performances from today’s music stars.

“It’s more than me wanting to do this, it’s someone wanted me to do it, which was very flattering and a compliment in the fact that I was asked to be a part of it. That was gratifying for me. I think this was an opportunity for everyone to be intimate about their own process, approach or formula, but true art isn’t exposed in its entirety. I believe it’s an opportunity to express a bit and reveal a bit but still maintain some mystique”.



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