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Lawmakers Say “Fake Urine” Threatens Public Safety

Lawmakers Say “Fake Urine” Threatens Public Safety

Things must be slow in the Tennessee legislature if the most pressing item of business on the agenda is passing a law to ban the sale of “fake urine.”

This ‘urgent’ bill would make it illegal to sell fake urine for the purpose of falsifying a drug test. According to the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson), people trying to pass job-imposed drug tests are trying to “beat the system” and his anti-fake urine law would eliminate this “threat to public safety.”

The bill will makes an exception for the sale and use of fake urine in the State if it is used for “bona fide educational, medical, and scientific purposes.”

Glad that’s settled and Tennessee lawmakers can get back to more pressing matters like figuring out how to reverse the State’s whopping 10.8% unemployment rate. Then again, once this fake urine bill takes effect, the unemployment rate might skyrocket.



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