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Just Blaze Combats Interviewers with Extreme Passive Aggressiveness (Video)

Vibe caught up with Just while he was out on the left coast to ask him about some new Eminem album, but not before they asked him about their Greatest Producer of All Time bracket, to which he simply replied: “It’s cool. Vote for who you like.” As far as Recovery goes, he had this to say about the working process:

“I have a few more songs that I have to finish mixing,” Blaze said. “It’s a great experience working with him, he’s such a hands-on artist… Most artists come in and rap and the rest is up to you. It’s good to collaborate with someone on the other end of the spectrum.”

(or the interview as how he would put it🙂

Hype Vibe reporter: so do you have any comments on the all time producer brackets and competition?!?! Me: No… HVR: well how about a message to the fans!? U know like “vote for mee!!!” Me: No…. *crickets* HVR: um yeah great!! Soo.. How was it working on thhe project with alchemist. That album u guys did.. What was it like. . Me: ??


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