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Fuse’s Hip Hop Shop: Algernod (Video) + Contest

Algernod Plies put on his speaking voice during his Hip Hop Shop interview with Toure. He discussed his new album Goon Affiliated, pulling up his trousers and the motivation behind covering a fan’s college tuition.


Bonus: Now if you thought that voice he used was strange, read this…

…the rapper will launch a new contest to coincide with the release of his forthcoming album Goon Affiliated. The Goon Affiliated 25 Giveaway will kick off Saturday May 1 and run through May 25.

Various prizes will be awarded to winners each day, including a brand new car, four-year scholarship, mortgage payments, healthcare insurance, shopping sprees and Apple iPads. The name of each winner and their state of residence will be posted on various websites on the Internet as well as an audio/video link that will be available at 3 p.m. (EST) each day on the Goon Affiliated 25 Day giveaway calendar…

Although the Goon Affiliated giveaway is meant to be a tool for promoting his fourth studio album, the contest carries a deeper meaning for Plies. According to the rapper, the giveaway is a way to expand efforts to give back to fans and the community at large.

“My music is very much reflective of the plight and ills of our community and real talk, there are people out there struggling to make ends meet in this economy,” said Plies, who co-founded the Big Gates & Plies Power of Visions foundation with his brother, Big Gates, to help support educational endeavors and develop essential life skills of disenfranchised youth in urban communities as well as provide instruction and assistance for those who are affected by the negative impact of the penal system with preventative methods and societal transitioning support. “This giveaway to me is more than just a countdown to my album release, it’s about giving back to my community and anybody who knows me knows that’s what it’s all about. So for me, this giveaway is about being able to help out where help is needed.”

To qualify for the giveaway, participants can register once by sending an email to All e-mails must include the participant’s full name, age, address, and telephone number.

For a chance to win one of the 25 gifts, registered participants must call in to Plies’ official Goon Affiliated 25 Day Giveaway telephone number (1-866-983-2111). The participants’ registration email must be submitted prior to calling. All winning participants will be contacted via information submitted.



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