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Karen finally caught up with a nigga. I was supposed to write this three months ago, but I’ve been so busy. Let me give you an example of how my day has been:

-I had to go to the studio on Thursday, so I got there around 5
-I get home around 5 in the morning
-Then I had to catch a 9 a.m. flight only to have a show in Georgia at 11 p.m. which ended at 1:30.
-So I  drive back to Atlanta. Get to the A at 3:30 to catch at 6 a.m. flight to Upstate N.Y.
-I then ride to Long Island and do a show there.

That’s the type of schedule it is right now. The type of chaos I’m pretty much going through, which, please don’t mistake me, I’m forever grateful for all of it. But it is somewhat overwhelming when you go from a nigga that was doing beats in his bedroom, to try and write songs and you kind of looking for things to do. It’s hectic but its all for the best and all of this work is going to lead to something that will pay off in the end.

I’m working on the album. Oh my god! I’m like getting more excited about the album everyday that goes by, every week that passes by. People around me and my team feel I have a classic on my hands. They always want to tell me like, “Yo you good, you don’t really need anything else.” Honestly, I don’t feel like. I feel that I can drop another song that was crazier than all the other shit that was on the album. So, the album keeps getting better and better mainly due to the fact I’m not satisfied because I know all the people that are coming out this year. This is an incredible year for music. There will be a bunch of big albums in 2010. I just have to put my best foot forward basically because if not, these dudes are going to try and crush me. Like, for example, I just keep thinking Kanye is coming with some shit. I already know he is gonna kill the game, so I just want to come out and make a splash. A big splash.

SOB’s was ill. In fact, it was legendary. I mean that in the sense for my own career. I’ll never forget that I was scheming on it for so long. That was a real staple moment. You know when you got those definitive moments in your career that 10 years from now I can look back at that like it was crazy. I always say it’s wild because I used to put these shits up on my wall. I used to spend my whole Saturdays going through my XXL’s all my Source’s. I would have a little razor blade cutting out all the pages in the magazine, just getting my tape together. I’d be figuring out who I wanted to put up, who I don’t wanna put up. Do I want Eminem over here? Do I want ‘Pac over here? Now, to be on those two covers on the same month, is ridiculous man. Only time can tell what’s classic really, but I want people to feel the album.  I really want to make a dent in the game, be someone people are talking about 10 years from now. So hopefully that happens once I drop the album. If i think it’s crazy right now, it’s going to be more crazier by the end of the year.

All in all, I just want to say thank you to the whole Dreamville, my immediate team, RocNation and all the blogs that support a nigga because they’re showing love. And to all the people that go to the blog that show love, thank you too. I try not to read the comments so much, but sometimes you can’t help it. People are showing so much love. Thank you so very much….



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