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#IAmNotADictionary Phrase Of The Day: 4/20 (Chronicah Solstice)

#IAmNotADictionary Phrase Of The Day: 4/20 (Chronicah Solstice)
Supposedly “420” was a code used by the San Rafael police department, however, the department has always denied this. A group known as the “Waldos” claim to have originated 420 in San Rafael in 1971. The group met every day at 4:20 PM after school and eventually began to use 420 as a code for marijuana so they could talk about pot in front of parents and teachers.
4/20 is also know as national Marijuana Awareness Day. With the recent influx of marijuana legalization related legislation 7 talk around Washington of a tax instead of prohibition, we could soon see this become a national holiday…but probably not.
4/20 is not to be confused with another holiday which is towards the end of the year on the 2nd Friday in December, “Chronicah” (Shout out to Lu Bon). 4/20 is also know as “Chronicah Solstice” because it is almost the half way point to “Chronicah”.
Tomorrow I will share with you a new popular Holiday, 4/21…



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