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A Million In The Morning (Trailer)

Theme music by Jay Electronica (starts at 2:07.)

Follow Gavin Mcinnes as he stays awake for 5 Days with ZERO sleep, Documenting the World Movie Watching Championship. As 8 contestants compete for a Guinness Book World Record “Most consecutive movies watched without sleeping.” Gavin quickly looses his shit and the film takes a sharp left turn into the depths of insanity and the disturbing underbelly of the american subconscious… Soundtrack by JAY ELECTRONICA, DJ Honda, RJD2, EL-P, The Death SET and others.

Basically, Decon is doing the movie and they got Jay Electronica to make a theme song.

Blame Netflix, cousin of death is on the guest list
Robots, and gold watches all over the set list
Yes sir, Decon kills rats
I’m running with my wolf pack like Wolfman Jack



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