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#FunniestThingYou’reGonnaSeeAllDay:Officer Bawse – Teflon Don(Album Trailer)

#FunniestThingYou’reGonnaSeeAllDay:Officer Bawse – Teflon Don(Album Trailer)


I dont even know where to start… maybe at the fact that he trys to make Wacka Flacka’s opinion on music actually count….or maybe that him & Diddy keep implying this Biggie comparison (Ricky Smalls?? Beard Poppa??)….or that Radric looked like his normal self in this video….or Wacka’s “Flacka Clones” in the studio with him…Of course their is some Dj Khaled to laugh at….The cop shaking hands with Floyd or Young Buck being with Khaled & Rick….hmmm not sure which one of those 2 is funnier….or maybe we can all just laugh at how much money Def Jam is spending  wasting now & how much they are gonna make lose when this flops drops..

I wonder if 30 years ago Rick & Russell knew that the fate of the company they built would rest on these shoulders…



Bonus: & if thats not funny enough for you, check out the single poster, & download link for the single after the jump (because I was & am serious about no more Rick Ross over here)


WTF?!?! ^

Rick Ross feat. Ne-Yo – Super High (Clean) | Mediafire

Rick Ross feat. Ne-Yo – Super High (Dirty) | Mediafire

Prod. by DJ Clark Kent & The Remedy,  mixed by Guru &  scratches by Don Cannon >>>>> Rick Ross rapping



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