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Jeezy’s VIBE Interview Outtakes

Jeezy’s VIBE Interview Outtakes


On DJ Drama:

You know actually me and Tip, we had a, well not even a sitdown, I think we was at a show or something and we was chopping it up about the shit [with Drama] and you know he was asking what’s the problem and I really couldn’t tell him. …I ain’t in this to be beefing with no DJs. Me and dude just had a, you know, just had a real misunderstanding, and you know it’s something that we had to work out.

On TM103:

I might be Makaveli on this shit, like I just don’t give a fuck what I say…love me or hate me that’s where I’m at. That’s my whole mind state. And believe you, me, music is an expression of yourself.

On Shawty Redd:

Like Shawty Redd, that shit is serious, dog. This nigga might never get outta jail. And if he do get out he still gotta be able to live with himself cause it ain’t like he killed his enemy. He killed the nigga he was with everyday for the last… since I’ve been seeing them niggas together. And we all know him.

There’s much more where that came from @ VIBE.



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