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Ferrari Previews the GT Roller Coaster

Ferrari Previews the GT Roller Coaster

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — Bizarro, Millennium Force, Nitro and other attention-grabbing roller coasters need to watch their backs. Ferrari has previewed its Ferrari World Abu Dhabi GT roller coaster, and it promises to be one of the most memorable amusement park rides on the planet.

“The GT roller coaster is a racing coaster, which will send two competing roller coaster carriages sprinting along twisting parallel tracks on a race to the finish line,” said Ferrari in a statement. “Each coaster car is a replica of a Ferrari F430 Spider.”

It is the second of two roller coasters that will anchor the amusement park. The other is billed as the world’s fastest roller coaster, with a speed of up to 125 mph that is intended to simulate the feeling of driving a Ferrari F1 racing car.

The roller coasters are two of 20 rides and attractions set for the amusement park, which opens on Yas Island here later this year. The Ferrari GT theme is not only carried on via the roller coaster, but also in the roof of the enclosed theme park. The roof is inspired by the “classic double-curve side profile” of the Ferrari GT.

Inside Line says: Forget your local state fair. The roller coaster rides alone justify the trip to Abu Dhabi.

Just the Facts:

—The roller coaster cars are replicas of the Ferrari F430 Spider.

—The racing coaster sends carriages on parallel tracks to a finish line.

—Another coaster in the park reaches speeds as high as 125 mph.


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