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Common – Testify (88-Keys Remix)

Common – Testify (88-Keys Remix)


Although he’s been rapping feverishly since the release of his album The Death Of Adam last year, 88-Keys is still a producer at heart. While we discussed the shitstorm that was this fan-made video for “Street Lights,” he reminded me about this remix he made for Common’s song off the BE album which he also happened to submit to Lonnie himself.

Common – Testify (88-Keys Hand On The Bible Remix) | Mediafire

I hit up Kanye & asked him if he had the a cappella files for this (which wasn’t out at the time). He gave me the files without hesitation. I turned over this remix rather fast but never finished it because I couldn’t come up with a hook for it. I played it for Kanye & he liked this a lot. So much, in fact, that he was going to reach out to Brandy to lay a hook down on this. Unfortunately, for me, Common didn’t feel this half as much as ‘ye did.

Read the whole story behind it on 88’s blog: I Heart My Polo Lifestyle.



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