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A Bathing Ape Summer 2010 Preview + Interview w/Kid cudi

A Bathing Ape Summer 2010 Preview + Interview w/Kid cudi


Kid Cudi recently spoke to A Bathing Ape for their 2010 Summer catalogue. Hypebeast took the time to transcribe what was said in the piece, but below is an excerpt from the interview that recounts a story he told of his time working at the BAPE store in SoHo.

Did you hear any interesting stories about your time there?

I remember Kanye coming in one time and I was helping him get a couple things. I forgot to take a sender off of one of the jackets he bought and I had to run out the store to catch him before he left. Pretty funny me chasing after him in SoHo haha.

He has since signed with Kanye released t-shirts with BAPE. He won.

Link: A Bathing Ape x Kid Cudi Interview & Photoshoot [Hypebeast]

Photography by Guy Aroch.


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