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Philadelphia Eagles To Trade McNabb For Future’s Sake

 Donovan McNabb‘s days may be numbered in Philadelphia. There’s a perception that McNabb doesn’t carry over regular-season success into the playoffs, backed up by a 9-7 playoff record with 17 interceptions and a so-so 80.0 passer rating. Because the Eagles are 1-4 in NFC championship games, there’s a lingering sense of frustration that comes with just coming up short. “To their fans, they’re always winning the silver medal with him,” ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley said. “After a while, when you can’t win gold, it’s like they would prefer to not be in it at all.”

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  1. April 20th, 2010 17:28

    Do you think we are intending to make use of our 1st round pick or parlay them into additional picks. I believe we will need some far more depth around the O-Line and perhaps an additional running back. Hopefully, they get it perfect this time.


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