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Marijuana Activist Ken Estes Forms Label; Drops Album With E-40, Other Rappers

(AllHipHop News) A number of popular rap artists will be featured on an upcoming album advocating the use of medical marijuana.

Medicine Man – Medical Marijuana Music features guest appearances by rappers like E-40, Mike Marshall, Celly Cel, J-Diggs, Tone-E, Misippi, Total Devastaion, Ira Black, Rob Sawne, Taj Ma and the Blaxicans.

The project is being released by Grandaddy Purp Music, a record label founded by medical marijuana advocate Ken Estes.

The full album was conceived after Estes and Bay Area rapper produced the 11-minute-Hip-Hop video “Leave Ken Alone” in 2008.

Estes is a controversial figure who has been featured on segments on CNN, FOX and other news outlets.

His medical marijuana dispensaries around Northern California have been raided numerous times, despite being legal by the state of California.

Estes recently formed the label to showcase his battles with the DEA and U.S. Government over the right to use medicinal marijuana.

Estes, who first gained notoriety by introducing the Grand Daddy Purple strain of marijuana, has attempted to reform medical marijuana laws for over 30 years, by supporting the Prop 215 campaign with other medical marijuana advocates.

The pot activist has been in a wheelchair for over 30 years and claims he got off pharmaceuticals by using medical marijuana.

Medicine Man – Medical Marijuana Music
is due in stores digitally via IODA on March 16th.



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