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Jay Electronica Interview w/ Benji B (BBC 1Xtra)

Jay Electronica Interview w/ Benji B (BBC 1Xtra)


Jay Electronica spoke to Benji B on BBC 1Xtra while he was in London.

Props to Pinboard. Stream the full show on BBC’s website.

“But I remember we were online chatting once and you were like man, I don’t know to give you this song or not, because if I give you this song then it’s gonna be on Nah Right tomorrow, and the whole world’s gonna be beating me in the head about it

Shouts to Benji B who also did an incredible J Dilla tribute the week after he passed away. Listen to it below.

Bonus: Benji B’s J Dilla Tribute on Deviation (BBC 1Xtra) (17/02/2006)



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