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Free Money (Freeway & Jakk Frost) – Defense, Offense (Mixtape)

Free Money (Freeway & Jakk Frost) – Defense, Offense (Mixtape)


Tracklist/download after the jump.


01 Jakk Frost & Freeway Intro
02 Jakk Frost “In The MF”
03 Freeway “Will I Ever B Free”
04 Jakk Frost “We See Money”
05 Freeway “Flow Monster”
06 Jakk Frost “Lay Da Money Down”
07 Freeway “Danger”
08 Jakk Frost “Freestyle Redman Beat”
09 Freeway “Crazy World”
10 Jakk Frost “FOH”
11 Freeway “Early This Morning”
12 Jakk Frost “Do You Hear Wut They Say”
13 Freeway “We Gon Make It”
14 Jakk Frost “Don’t U Ever Take It Back”
15 Freeway “Free Freestyle LL”
16 Jakk Frost “Zodiac Killa”
17 Freeway “Freeway Money”
18 Jakk Frost “G Shit”
19 Jakk Frost Freeway Ms Jade Nina Ross Tek
“Part of the Game”
20 Freeway “Chief Rocka”
21 Jakk Frost “New Shyt”
22 Freeway “Lay U Down”
23 Jakk Frost “Late Nite”
24 Freeway “Laws of Rap”
25 Jakk Frost “This 1 For U”

Download: Free Money (Freeway & Jakk Frost) – Defense, Offense (Mixtape)

Shouts to Benja Styles.



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