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DMX Held Without Bond; Sheriff Calls For DMX To Do Time

(AllHipHop News) Rapper DMX will be held without bond in an Arizona jail until next week for violating his parole March 9.

DMX was arrested by the Adult Probate Department yesterday, after he was found to be in possession of cocaine.

In a court appearance yesterday, DMX accused police in Phoenix targeting him for arrest, harassing him and abusing his civil rights.

DMX is being held without bond until March 16th, when he will appear in front of a judge for a hearing.

DMX faces 5 unspecified counts of parole violation. Joe Arpaio, Phoenix’s self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America,” is calling for DMX to serve serious prison time.

“We’ve been treating him with kid gloves. I think its about time to give him hard time,” Sheriff Arpaio said.



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