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California Charter Schools Don’t Narrow Black-White Achievement Gap

Recent report by Golden State charter advocates claiming gains tarnished after review by Arizona State professor   BOULDER, CO (November 10) - In a recent report, the California Charter School Association claims that the state's charter schools are narrowing the Black-White achievement gap... Read more...

FOH: PA High School Defends Segregating Students By Race & Gender To Boost Academic Results

  WTF? Is this some kind of joke? Oh so because the great pimp MLK Jr was wrong about assimilation integration (which if I had been alive at that time I could've told you that) and how positive it would be, now you want to take a step further (or should I say a step 40 years backwards) and se... Read more...

Arizona, Illegal Immigration, And The Tenth Amendment

Stick to ass shaking... Colombian singer Shakira visited Phoenix the other day to instruct Americans on their Constitution. “I’m not an expert on the Constitution but I know the Constitution exists for a reason,” she said. “It exists to protect human beings, to protect the rights of peopl... Read more...