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Jay Electronica in New Orleans (Video)

Jay Electronica takes the Mochilla people on a tour of his hometown:

On November 1st, 2009 Jay Electronica met up w/ B+ and Eric Coleman of Mochilla to take them on a intimate tour of Jay’s home city of New Orleans, taking them down to his beloved Magnolia Projects in the Third Ward. The video provides a personal reflection from Jay Electronica, and the drastic changes that took place post Hurricane Katrina.

Intertwined w/ the video, are photos that were shot weeks after Hurricane Katrina when B+ and Eric Coleman were invited to New Orleans to screen one of their previous projects, Brasilintime.

Finally, the video ends w/ a live performance by Jay Electronica during VTech’s sponsored Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, performing his acclaimed “Exhibit A.”




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