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Mister Cee & 50 Grand Remember Biggie

Mister Cee & 50 Grand Remember Biggie

DJ 50 Grand & Mister Cee tell the story of the Biggie’s demo.

“One day, D-Roc said, ‘Yo, 50, I got this guy. I want you to be his DJ. He’s nice,’ ” Grand remembered. “I said, ‘Bring him through.’ Took him to the basement. We did three demos that first day I met him. Passed it on to Mister Cee. That was it. He skyrocketed after that.”

Those rough recordings would eventually land Big on the road to stardom.

” ‘Microphone Murderer‘ is the main demo song,” Cee said. “It’s the demo that I took to Matty C from The Source magazine for the ‘Unsigned Hype’ article. Diddy heard about The Source magazine ‘Unsigned Hype’ situation. So the ‘Microphone Murderer’ was the demo song Puff heard and got him signed. Besides ‘Microphone Murderer,’ the demo tape had ‘Guaranteed Raw,’ ‘Live in Action’ and another song called ‘Love No Hoe.’ And when we say demo, it wasn’t a four-track. It was just 50 DJing on two records in his crib.”

Full story: Biggie’s Beginning: Mister Cee & DJ 50 Grand Reminisce

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