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Wooha:News reports question if Birdman’s Bronald Oil & Gas Co. is legit

Wooha:News reports question if Birdman’s Bronald Oil & Gas Co. is legit

Birdman x Bronald Oil & Gas. Ever since Birdman went public with the launch of his Bronald Oil & Gas Company last month, financial and business reporters have been very curious as to the legitimacy of Birdman’s claims. There is no doubt that he and his brother could afford to get into the oil biz, but is Bronald Oil & Gas a real operating company or just a bragging point to one up other rappers? Bloomberg is the most recent news service to try and get a little more info on the company and unfortunately their results were the same as others.

“As for what Bronald is doing in the oil and natural-gas business, the Williams brothers declined through their publicist, Kia Selby, to comment. Selby said she was unable to provide information about the oil company. Bronald doesn’t have a listed telephone number. Numbers for residences in New Orleans and Florida that are linked to Bronald in state records don’t take incoming calls,” according to Blomberg.

Further reports by Bloomberg show that the oil company is listed as serving oil to Oklahoma, Florida and New Orleans, but Oklahoma’s oil industry authority claimed to have never heard of such a company and said that they have never partnered with Bronald Oil & Gas LLC. Records in Oklahoma also list the address for the corporation to be a beach front condo in Florida. This all doesn’t add up to be a good scenario for Bronald especially since they just launched.

WoooHa won’t speculate, but it would do some good now for Baby and Ronald to do a little damage control before Bronald Oil & Gas gets labeled as a shell corporation to the business and financial reporters and institutions out there. Plus I’m sure the rest of the VERY well protected oil industry is not too fond of outsiders trying to creep in on their territory. We all know the true gangsters out there are the not the ones with blood on their hands…it’s the ones with oil on their hands that we gotta worry about. I drink your milkshake!!!!



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