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Rich Boy Gets Drake For Next Album, Contemplates Title

Rich Boy Gets Drake For Next Album, Contemplates Title

A few weeks ago, Rich Boy told VIBE he’s been studying Buddhism for his upcoming sophomore album. Helping him on his quest for a deeper message are producers Danjahandz, Jim Jonsin, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Bangladesh and Polow Da Don, who produced the majority of Rich Boy’s 2007 debut.

“Polow’s never been the type to just want to do the whole album,” Rich Boy tells VIBE. “He always believed in us going in with other producers. I just came out the studio with Danja last week in L.A. I’ve been in with a lot of hot producers on this album.”

Guests on the album include R&B singers Mario and Lloyd. Toronto newcomer Drake and his melodic rhymes also make a cameo.

“Drake, you know how he do. He do his melodizing. He did his thing,” says Rich Boy. “But we also did a song way back before he blew up called ‘Must Hate Money’ and you could YouTube it. I kinda had a good feeling about him. He did this track, brought it to me in Atlanta, and by the time he blew up I was surprised. He put it on a couple of his mixtapes [Comeback Season]. So I’m surprised that Drake did his thing like that. I’m most definitely proud of that guy.”

Rich Boy is contemplating a double disc effort with two titles: Buried Alive and Resurrected and Dying. “The reason I named is that you got a lot of situations, dark times people going through now. Shit like a lot of people being buried alive. It’s like they’re not living life,” he explains. “They’re getting resurrected now with the whole U.S. getting back on their feet. We get up out this recession so I look at it like that. I want to motivate people, take them away from their dark times to the good times. Because it don’t rain forever.” —Clover Hope

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