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The Braniac Society: Buy Naledge’s Book – “The Straight Jab”

The Braniac Society: Buy Naledge’s Book – “The Straight Jab”

Naledge’s Mr. Brain for nothing, he wrote a book a while back while in high school and self published it. You can purchase the book here. Here’s some more info on the book itself…

Author/Emcee February 17, 2007 -Chicago, IL- Recording Artist Naledge, born Jabari Evans, has announced that he will re publish his first book titled “The Straight Jab”, a book that the rapper originally wrote at age 14 and self published at the age of 16. The book first gained attention when Evans sent it in as a supplement with his college application to various Ivy League Universities. The Straight Jab was written with a forward by Naledge’s father, mental health expert Dr. Robert Evans Ph.D. The book features various poems, short essays and inspirational quotes (entitled “jab-isms”) that Evans developed in his early teenage years. “I’ve always looked at myself as a leader and someone who always thought of ways to motivate and inspire my peers around me. While this book is a far cry from the way I write as a 23 year old man, it serves as exciting insight into my early years. It helps to explain why I am the way I am today,” says Evans, who is releasing his Just Blaze executive produced solo album later this year on Rawkus Records. “I hope that my fans can just enjoy the book for what it is and began understand who I am as a person and not just a rapper.” Naledge graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in 2004 and is looked at by many as the next sensation to emerge from Chicago’s underground hip hop scene. In conjunction with getting the book, which is being sold for $10.00 on Naledge’s myspace page, fans who purchase the “Straight Jab” will also be making a donation to the Big Brother Big Sisters program in the greater Chicago area. The Straight Jab was first nationally published in 1998. For more information on Naledge visit or TO PURCHASE BOOK AND MAKE A DONATION TO THE CAUSE, CLICK HERE!!!!



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