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Some of the highlights from my Pap ghostwriting session from last year. Feel free to add your own.

“You rappers are like Firefox, I got tabs on you”

“MC’s are like Laserdiscs, ‘cos don’t nobody play you”

“Rappers are solar eclipses, ‘cos you ain’t seein’ me”

“You rappers are like dead bee’s to me, you got no buzz”

“You got no bread, I roll up and bust your bagel/you’re girl
licked my breadstick, I shot crumbs on the table”

“She gave me head but didn’t bite it like a mantis/I’m down by law like a legal library in built in Atlantis”

“I got a Jones for the mic but I’m not Mike Jones”

“Leave you punch-drunk like you drunk punch with vodka in it”

“This chickenhead started chirping, I said ‘Get on Twitter’/She almost threw a fit, I told her ‘get fitter’”

“I’ll box you out, put you in a box and then call you Jack in the Box.”

“I’m like past-due milk, the ladies like to spoil me”

“I popped this punk in the eye, called him ‘chicken’ and sent him back to Popeyes”

“You drunker than Joe Namath if you think I gonna kiss and tell a reporter, bitch”

“Make my c.r.e.a.m. then I go and steal Wendy’s/ I lick shots like you lick Ice creams at Wendys”

“My Nina will make your dome look like Hurricane Katrina”

“Bust you in the eye with my iphone/now you can see where the future lies”

“I tell a bitch I take her to my white castle/then i buy that bitch a burger from White Castle with no hassle”

“Don’t dog me doggy, y’all hop to it like fleas/after this Jive
deal I wanna branch out, like trees””

“Stop barking, dog – make like a tree and leave/me and your spouse got high and hit it, like a treehouse be”

“You’re on my case like this was CSI/might make me flip like Nintendo DSi”

“Me and Remy go together like soda and Remy/you wanna act-up, I’mma hand you an Emmy”

“Sound the alarm, ‘cos it’s thugification and Pap’s here/bitches come see every year like they get they pap smear”

“I say ‘Slay, go slay ‘em’ and he said, ‘Kay’/you want drama? I’m the king, like my man Kay Slay”

“Don’t try to play me son, I don’t kid/I’ll make like Mario Kart and put red shells in your lid”



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