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Lupe Fiasco on Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays

Lupe Fiasco on Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays


Lupe Fiasco visits Tony Touch on his Sirius/XM show Toca Tuesdays. First Lupe mentions he just submitted Lasers to the label and “I’m Beaming” being a forced single. Damn shame.

Second, there’s a couple calls then Lupe explains how the Haiti earthquake happened the day he reached the peak of Kilimanjaro. So when he got him, Mike Shinoda hit him and they got together with Kenna to make “Resurrection.”

Freestyle, then they discuss who’s on the album, both features and production wise. He says Jay Electronica isn’t on the album but he’d want to do a whole album with Jay and keeps spreading the CRS lie (apparently they had 4 tracks before the G.I.T.D. tour.)

Thanks to ILLIONAIRE for ripping + sending.



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