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Powder Room: High Kix for High Splits

Powder Room: High Kix for High Splits

Rihanna performing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in London

A haute new sexy trend to look out for in 2010’s Spring and Summer seasons are High Splits.

Sexy meticulously placed slits in skirts and gowns that will add some spice to any special occasion and appearances.

Seen above is fashion Icon Rhianna, taking a que from Scarlett O’hara, with her ultra high shoulder pads and beautifully draped (yes the pun is intended) dress with a split to leave you wanting more.

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High split Spring/Summer 2010 trend

But don’t let the suggested season debut keep you from rocking this style in the winter weather. With the well welcomed return of opaques and thigh highs there is much fun to be had with this reoccurring trend.

Here are some more tips on how to rock this super sexed up trend in 2010:

  • Heels are a must. Flat shoes don’t do the look justice, and will cancel out the utter sexiness of the above the thigh split.
  • Tanned, toned, bare legs are perfect for this look in summer. But you can also experiment with a peep of interesting stockings. Look to Francesco Scognamiglio’s fishnet idea for inspiration (pictures below); or if you’re daring enough, try a peek of exposed stayups.
  • Go for light, breezy fabrics for the Spring / Summer season. Movement and flow are a big part of the charm.
  • Take inspiration from the Grecian trend and marry a draping Goddess dress with a high split for the ultimate in summer sultriness.
  • Obviously this is not best as a day-to-day street trend nor as day wear. Pull it out on occasions where you really want to turn heads.

Im gonna try this out myself and put a little spin on it.

What do you think about this trend? Will you too be doing high kix for high splits?

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heidi_klum_as_jessica_rabbit.jpg image by Ouvi_Dizer

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