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The Unkut Guide To Rap Genres

The Unkut Guide To Rap Genres

There are so many different types of rap today that almost anybody’s taste can be catered to. But how do you keep up with them all? Let’s take a quick look at some of the important rap genres that are out there right now…

Shout Rap

During the mid-80’s, Shout Rap was the move. Run-DMC perfected it and thousands followed until Rakim shut that shit down with his laid-back, precise delivery on ‘Eric B. Is President’. M.O.P., Bumpy Knuckles and Willie D keep it alive to this day.

Weed Carrier Rap

You got your deal because your boy had a hit. See: Bravehearts, Drag-On, St. Lunatics, Flipmode, D-12 etc.

Whisper Rap

Some people think that Young Chris from the Young Guns invented this technique. These people are morons. LL Cool J created that shit on his first album on joints like ‘I Want You’ and, more famously, ‘I Need Love’ on the follow-up. Currently still popular with Jay-Z and Termanology.

Champagne Rap

Another LL innovation, even though it alienated most of fans on Walking Like A Panther. Puffy, who was his manager at the time, took note and re-introduced the genre to the world with Biggie and Mase five years later. Jay-Z another early adopter, has since moved onto Wine Rap.

Crazy-Ass Cracker Rap

So you’re a white guy who raps, but you don’t want to be mistaken for Vanilla Ice. Solution? Act crazy. It worked for Eminem, Cage, Necro, Everlast, RA The Rugged Man and many, many more.

Gravel-Voiced Rap

Can either involve putting on a stupid voice or just being the result of having messed-up vocal chords. Big Twins, Agallah, Rockness Monsta and Party Arty (R.I.P) are prime examples.

Nasal Rap

First debuted on by Rammelzee on ‘Beat Bop’, it was adapted by Cypress Hill and their boys Funkdoobiest during the Weed Rap explosion of the early 90’s. Most recently demonstrated by Eminem on most of Relapse.

Gutter Rap

Anything that involves rapping about hitting people in the head with bottles. Blaq Poet is a perfect example.

Coke Rap

Anything where 75% of the subject matter revolves around slinging that girl. Think The Clipse, Raekwon and Hard White.

Hipster Rap

Blame Outkast.

Emo Rap

Want to hear dudes talking about feelings, but don’t dig the nu-metal styling’s of Linken Park? Then Atmosphere and Kid Cudi might be right up your alley. Music to cut yourself to.

Backpack Rap

First popularized by Buckshot of Black Moon in the ‘Who Got The Props’ video, but it could be argued that Leaders of the New School were the first backpackers in rap. Started to die off as the indy vinyl began to fade, and was buried forever by Kanye after he started rocking Gucci backpacks.


From the days of Esham and Gangsta NIP to the Gravediggaz to Necro’s Death Rap, rapping about cutting-up bodies in trash bags will never play out.

Macho Rap

The classic old-school style of Grandmaster Caz and Melle Mel, which was later championed by members of the original Flavor Unit such as Lakim Shabazz and Lord Alibaski.

Millionaire Rap

Really rich dudes explaining all the awesome stuff they do on the daily, when they aren’t making pointless vanity project rap albums.

Scientifical Madness Rap

Following in Jeru and Afu-Ra’s footsteps, projects from Divine Styler, Styles of Beyond and Dr. Octagon were basically just scientific manuals read-out over drum beats.

Ignorant Rap

Disco Rick, The Posion Clan, Bust Down and Awesome Dre are some pioneers in this field. More recently, OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane have held down this lane.

Gun-Clap Rap

We don’t use Thug Rap or Reality Rap anymore. If you rap about Tonz ‘O Gunz…you know the rest.

Throwback Rap

Trying to rap like it was the 80’s or 90’s just because it seems ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’. The results are usually gheyer than a three dollar bill.

Disabled Rap

My bad…I mean Differently-Abled Rap. Think Rob Quest (the blind guy from Devin’s old crew Odd Squad), Bushwick Bill (a midget who became a cyclops), the guy from the Ying Yang Twins with the gimp hand.

Space Rap

Prodigy from Mobb Deep might argue that Keith Murray was a Space Rapper, but it’s been going on since the days of electro. More recently, Mr. Lif and Lil’ Wayne have been spaced the fuck out.

Old Man Rap

Not every MC over 40 is necessarily is this category – only the dudes that bore us to tears with grown folk talk.

Jignorant Rap

When you combine a jiggy attitude with ignorant content, you get Jiggnorance. Killa Kam wins again.

Rat Rap

Anything with a reference to ‘Stop Snitching’.



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