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F*ck Outta Here: KiD CuDi Mistaken for Burglar by LAPD

F*ck Outta Here: KiD CuDi Mistaken for Burglar by LAPD



KiD CuDi found himself in handcuffs yesterday in Los Angeles after the LAPD mistook him and his crew for burglary suspects as they left a photoshoot with NME on Melrose Ave. Five patrol cars rolled up on the entourage and temporarily detained them before the cops realized that they were racially profiling wrong. After the incident, CuDi explained to NME that he wasn’t sure what happened.

“Who knows, really, the story changed a bunch,” he said. “I’m just happy to be back. I’m a free man! For that moment I was not free. I was in handcuffs. It did not feel very comfortable.”

He added that he did not begrudge the police for the error: “We’re in LA, it’s a rowdy place in the United States, you know? And a lot of shit goes down. And these cops have to use force. So it’s, like, I understand that they were doing their job. I just wish we weren’t in that place at that time.”

F*ck that, LAPD stays losing. Kid Cudi took a cop out on that one…I’m disappointed

Another pic after the jump.


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