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Paul Pierce would raise the rim, among other things

Paul Pierce would raise the rim, among other things

So, apparently Paul Pierce has a knack for this ol’ bloggin’ thingamajig.

In his second post in as many days at, the Celtics forward writes — or at least dictates to a Boston Globe reporter — what he’d do if he ran the NBA.

Pierce’s three fundamental changes for the league: Ditch the age limit (“if you’re a pro, you’re a pro”); shorten the season to 60 games (fat chance with advertisers); and raise the rim three inches.

The Truth:

The athletes today are crazy. You see the way guys are jumping these days. I would raise the rim three inches. Then, you have to learn the art of the jump shot. You’ll have to know how to play this game a little bit better then. Raising the rim, you’ll see increasing play. You’ll see increasing fundamentals. I’m telling you.

This idea is nothing new. For years, Tom Newell, son of legendary basketball big man coach Pete Newell, has suggested the NBA and NCAA play with 11-foot rims. Like Pierce, Newell hypothesizes that higher rims would see an emphasis on spacing, passing and working for open shots. Basketball Fundamentals 101!

Personally, I don’t see the NBA jacking those nets up anytime soon. In fact, to paraphrase The Mighty MJD, just try to imagine telling Commissioner David Stern, “Hey, boss, we have an idea that will decrease highlight dunks and three-point shots.” I’d be amazed if you avoided that trap-floor door opening beneath your feet. Those sharks don’t tickle.

But what do you think? Is Pierce onto something? Sound off.


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