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The Clipse & Their 7,000 Rented Apartment

The Clipse & Their 7,000 Rented Apartment

Vulture went searching with the Thorntons for some new digs out here in Gotham. These days, a one room shack ain’t cuttin’ it.

….That same anti-recession spirit is apparent while the crew checks out the Soho Mews apartment, a 1,240-square-foot, two-bedroom with hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. When Anne Marie announces that the rent had recently been lowered from $9,000 to $7,000 a month, Pusha blurts out “7, 9 … it’s two stacks! A purse.” Anne Marie, unfazed, continues to tick off the building’s selling points (“it’s in the historical cast-iron district, so nothing can be built above nine floors … there’s a 24-hour doorman, really unheard of around here”).

Wait, $7,000? For rent?! (F*ck you poor people, broke n*ggas die slow)

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