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'Entourage' the movie?

'Entourage' the movie?

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“Entourage” creator Mark Wahlberg wants to bring the HBO buddy comedy to the big screen after two more seasons.

When asked about the future of the sitcom that follows movie star Vincent Chase and his entourage of friends through life in Hollywood, Wahlberg told the Hollywood Reporter that the show will continue on HBO for now, but could have a bigger future ahead.

“We’ll see; there could be more,” Walhberg said to the Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of his latest film, “The Lovely Bones.” “But then, a movie.”

“Entourage” was recently picked up by the cable network for a sixth season. HBO and CNN are owned by the same company.

The HBO original series “Sex and the City” made a big splash at the box office, pulling in $152 million in 2008.

The sequel to the film will be out in 2010. But it is questionable whether “Entourage” could see the same returns in theaters, given the show’s mostly male core audience.

“’Sex’ had an enormous audience because there are so fewer movies directed at women,” explained Hollywood Reporter film editor Greg Kilday. “There have always been plenty of movies for and about guys.”

“Sex and the City,” which ran for six seasons on HBO, had also gone into syndication by the time the movie version hit theaters, so it had already reached a much wider audience beyond HBO viewers.

“‘Entourage’ isn’t as well-known as ‘Sex and the City’, which had already gone into syndication by the time the movie came out,” Kilday said.


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