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"You So Eloquent": Various Celeb Quotes

"You So Eloquent": Various Celeb Quotes
0 comments, 03/12/2009, by , in Miscellaneous

“AND no this aint NO KANYE SHIT…and yes I am BITCHIN”

-TheDream on 2009’s Grammy nominations

“When something is great, we need to show respect to that greatness, especially while the person is still alive. Give them the flowers while they are still able to smell them. T.I.P. here are your roses from me brother. Pause. Clifford Harris, you’re necessary, sir.”

-Charlamagne Tha God’s (blank stare) open letter to T.I.P.

“Wow..the world is so closed?..just like that?”

-Chris Breezy on the media’s disinterest in Mrs. Woods whoopin’ that a$$ with a nine iron bout with domestic violence

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