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Sarah Palin as 'Blunder Woman' in MAD Magazine

Sarah Palin as 'Blunder Woman' in MAD Magazine

The new issue of “MAD” magazine, which hits stands on Tuesday the 17th, features the annual “MAD 20,” a list of the 20 stupidest people of the year. And while there are some serious contenders in this category — Joe “You Lie” Wilson; the politician who claimed to be hiking the Appalachian trail when he was hooking up with his Argentinian mistress; and that guy who just attacked a Greek priest with a tire iron thinking he was an Arab terrorist — I feel confident that if you meditate on the concept of exceptional idiots, one particular face will swim into focus.

Behold, our exclusive preview of attempted Vice President and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as “Blunder Woman,” where she battles against David Letterman, imaginary death panels, and her desire to quit everything she does.


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