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F*ck Outta Here: Ross on 50’s Sales: “R.I.P. We Buried Him”

“You forgot who TIA is Ricky? smfh…”

Now that 50 Cent’s disappointing first week numbers are official, rival Rick Ross is now claiming victory in their 2009 feud.

In a recent concert for DJ Khaled’s birthday, Ross proclaimed full credit for 50 Cent’s lowest debut week (161,000) of his previously multi-platinum career.

“So we celebrating my n***a birthday, but we’re also celebrating the demise of a p***y. R.I.P. to the donkey, we buried him,” Ross stated on stage with Khaled. “It feel good, n***a. Don’t look surprised, you knew we was gonna do it. There’s only one record that can describe the feeling.”

Concluding his victory speech, Ross went into “This Is the Life,” the fourth single from his 2008 gold sophomore LP Trilla.

In January, Rick Ross began his feud with 50 Cent courtesy of “Mafia Music,” where he ridiculed the Queens’ emcee about his relationship with his child’s mother, and the controversy surrounding the fire destruction of his Fort Dix, Long Island mansion.

50 Cent retaliated with songs (“I’ll Be the Shooter”) and satirical cartoon clips (Officer Ricky Series). Also, the G Unit CEO enlisted Ross’ estranged son’s mother Tia Kemp to disparage Ross in clips and an autobiographical book.

DJ Khaled was brought into the conflict as well when the Queens mogul had entourage members film Khaled’s mother unknowingly at her job (“A Psychic Told Me”). 50 Cent would later express regret for the act, after receiving negative responses from media and fans for the viral clip’s allusions to violence.

Earlier this month, 50 and Floyd Mayweather further mocked Ross by taking pictures with his children after Kemp had brought them to the rapper’s mansion.

At press time, Rick Ross is working on his fourth album Teflon Don, set to be released in Spring 2010.


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